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Superwoman by Shirley Conran

In Books, House work on July 22, 2012 at 10:57 am

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I love retro and vintage beauty ahd homemaking books and magazines. I am drawn to them because I am a little old fashioned and always looking for a way to simplify my life. I find the info and tips from the past are often helpful and practical as well as more gracious.

If a book called ‘Superwoman’ was written in these times, I don’t think it would have the same appeal to me as Shirley Conran’s Superwoman published in 1975. I don’t think the increased stresses of this century would be dealt with in the easygoing manner of Conran’s,

“To get the best out of this book it’s important you know your own limitations,allow for your weaknesses and ignore the impossible milk-and-honey standards of the impossible TV housewife.”

Everything now seems to be about doing more, having more, buck up, and the incredulous response at parties, “You’re a housewife?!”
I can’t think of a good role model among any of the many TV housewives, and they are more unrealistic than ever.

Okay, some of the information in my Australia/New Zealand 1977 edition is outdated due to technology and the passage of time, but many tips and ideas are still valuable. The message of doing what you HAVE to do faster and more efficiently, so you have more time to do what you WANT to do still applies.

The chapters cover every aspect of home life, including cleaning,food and money, as well as most importantly; ” How To Profit From a Crisis” and ” What To Do With The Time You Have Saved”.
Shirley has written a comprehensive yet easy-to-read and often humourous book that I will often be referring back to.

As I do read and reread I will be further comforted by the fact that Shirley wrote this book whilst ill, as time and her strength allowed. As some of us also have chronic illnesses, and are overstressed and overtired, we can take on this lesson, that perserverence and with a positive attitude we can all manage our lives and be our own version of a ‘Superwoman’.
That is the greatest gift of all. Thanks Shirley!

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