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Kiss River by Diane Chamberlain- A Book Review

In Books on January 29, 2013 at 10:55 am


The secrets they keep at Kiss River are always just below the surface like the fractured lens of the lighthouse that lies beneath the sea there. There are secrets of the past told only to a young girl’s diary and the secrets of the present that cannot be kept much longer.

Gina has travelled to Kiss River on a single-minded mission to raise the lens but her motives are unclear and unnerving to the lighthouse caretaker Clay, who is wounded by the loss of his wife, and cannot face being hurt again. Gina and Clay may not be able to deny their attraction to each other but they can’t deny that keeping secrets from those you grow to love is painful and living with the fear of being discovered is just as agonising as the inevitable pain of betrayal.

Diane Chamberlain is the go-to author for novels with everyday characters facing danger or dilemma, yet finding healing or redemption through love. Kiss River’s purity defeated by time and a world at war into a now windswept coastline weather-beaten lighthouse show the attention to detail and thorough research Chamberlain applies to all her novels. She writes engaging novels that will have you eager to seek out all her works and eagerly await her future works.

For more information on Kiss River and her other novels visit Diane Chamberlain’s website .


Out of Time- Deborah Truscott. A book review.

In Books on April 18, 2012 at 4:07 am


Out of Time tells the romantic story with a mysterious time travel twist.
Kathleen Findlay is on the brink of divorce and dealing with her over- involved mother when she inherits her uncles’ home and decides to go there to find some time to make some hard desicions.
The home dates back to the American Revolution and becomes a landing point for a time travelling British soldier,Robert Upton,who only adds to Kathleens’ problems with his own.
Their relationship grows with humour and a little romance as Kathleen helps Robert negotiate modern life as he waits for a chance to return home.
Out if Time is a light,pleasant read, a little romantic,a little historical and a little humourous.

There is an ebook version available at Kindle.

Has anyone read it also? Who can recommend a similar genre book? Post your comments.

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