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Goodbye Desperate Housewives

In Television on August 8, 2012 at 1:49 pm


I’ve had time to get over the shock,even though I knew it would soon be gone, when it was finally over, I found I was still not prepared. How could I be? And now an empty hole sits where it was, but I am not ready for reminiscing yet, it’s too painful. One day I will have the strength to go back to the beginning and re-live it all again.

I hardly noticed its existence in the begining. I had a young baby, I didn’t watch prime time t.v, I watched naptime t.v and The Wiggles. Accidentally, catching a rerun of the first episode, I watched as Mary Alice’s neighbour Martha Hooper registered with horror the body of Mary Alice and promptly returned home to rip the name label off a borrowed appliance- now hers to keep. Such dark, quirky humour – I was hooked.

I followed the housewives’ ups and downs, the shows’ ups and downs, the implausable
plots, the episodes that sometimes fell flat. I wish I had a $1 for everytime I heard Mary Alice say “yes”, or Bree whipped up a batch of muffins.

Desperate Housewives made it ok for us to even say the word ‘housewife’ again. To admit to being a housewife had become an equivalent of Sominex in most social circles. It displayed housewives as totally unreal and glamourous,and spawned some crazy reality shows, but it was fun and showed some of the real issues women face. It showed the power of family and friendship. It demonstrated how women have the strength to survive and keep rising and falling and arising and so it was good.

Yes, it will be remembered fondly by those of us for who it was a lifeline of hope and levity in our moments of craziness and quiet desperation, and for those of us who call ourselves ‘housewives’.

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