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Free Kindle Ebook Alert! The Well Lived Laugh by Rachel St John Gilbert

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It”s that time of year when people make New Years resolutions. Some people make too many and some set their sights too high. Some people give every effort and crash and burn by January 7th. Some people claim they will give up things they don’t even do- ” Smoking and drinking and bad women…”. A few people are adamant that they don’t make any resolutions at all.

Whatever you do, at some stage, and probably many times during this coming year, you will want something to change, you will want things different. Your weight, your commitments, your family-life or your job will start to seem like a struggle you just can’t handle anymore and you will have some thinking to do and changes to make.

Luckily, there is a book that can help guide you through the times when it is all too much and you are wondering if ‘it’ is worth the battle. The book is The Well Lived Laugh by Rachel St. John Gilbert, I reviewed it here earlier in the year and now I am happy to announce that the ebook version is FREE at today! (31/12/2012). If you have a Kindle or can download the Kindle app, you can start reading it today, but there is also a paperback version available (order online in Australia). It’s also a great time to share the free offer while it lasts with with your friends- I see another busy year ahead for all of us.

Below is my previously posted review, if you missed it.

Rachel St. John-Gilbert realised Oprah’s job was already taken and ” being a deep thinker and encourager by nature, I dabbled in the writing world to see if God might use these gifts in that field”.

Well Lived Laugh (Designing A Life That Keeps You Smiling) is one of her books written about ” some of the pressures that weighs on womens’ minds” and encourages the reader to ” decide for themselves how to view them”.

At the end of each chapter is a questionaire section designed to help you decide how seriously you feel pressured by that chapters topic. The questions are designed to determine whether you need to ‘ease up’ the pressure you may be putting on yourself.

Chapters deal with common pressures women face, such as weight ,youthfulness, doing it all and making something of yourself. St. John-Gilbert is know for her quirky, humourous style and the anecdotes in this book help illustrate each topic in a very low-pressure and relatable way. Yet, this is not a book about ‘giving up’ or avoiding pressure. St John-Gilbert acknowledges that ” not all pressures are bad-some are a catalyst to positive change.”

The main message is knowing your priorities. When we determine our priorities, rather than allowing outside pressures to govern us, we can live by our beliefs and actions with confidence and enthusiasm rather than burning out trying to live by standards that are imposed by society or our need to be perfect or liked.

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