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The Tea-Olive Bird Watching Society by Augusta Trobaugh- A Book Review.

In Books on December 4, 2012 at 2:10 pm


Tea-Olive is a southern town in the U.S.A. where the women are named after Christian hymns, where manners are paramount and men are expected to be gentlemen but the little town is about to be the setting for a murder.

The proposed victim is new-in-town Judge Hyson Breed who is, not only a yankee but also a bully with appalling manners. He soon marries Sweet, a naive, lovelorn member of the Tea-Olive Bird Watching Society, much to the other members’ puzzlement and dismay. If the bird watchers suspicions are right, the Judge has married Sweet only for her land and he also plans to urbanise the land willed to the Tea-Olive Bird Watching Society by their late member and friend, Love-Divine. As time wears on, the Judge’s real character begins to show through and it is decided by bird watchers, Beulah and Zion that something PERMANENT must be done to save the town.

Augusta Trobaugh has written a comic murder mystery where the real mystery is whether or not the murder will actually take place! Real issues of abuse and corruption are just beneath the surface of the humour in this novel, making the story and the characters very real and likeable. Any reader would want to join the Tea-Olive Bird Watching Society if it meant a having friendships that share troubles and sorrow with tireless support and care, and the bonus of southern hospitality, with the pleasure of meeting over high tea with generous helpings of sweet treats.

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