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The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton- A Book Review

In Books on October 31, 2012 at 1:04 pm


Simon & Schuster
Atria Books

The Secret Keeper finds Laurel Nicolson ready to unwrap the past and discover the reasons for a long ago event between her aged mother, Dorothy, and a sinister stranger, before it is too late. Laurel’s investigation will lead her on a trip back in time in the lives of Dorothy, and her wartime friends, Vivien and Jimmy who are caught in a web of love, lies and heartbreak.

With settings in rural Australia and England, and London, The Secret Keeper has aspects as varied as its landscapes. Sliding between the London blitz in WWII and the present, it has a plot equally contrasting between the betrayal and confusion of war and the loyalty and love of peacetime. The Secret Keeper is full of plot twists and turns, every time I thought I had guessed what was going to happen next I was sent down another path until all the secrets were revealed.

Who is The Secret Keeper? Dorothy, whose past catches up with her future? Laurel, Dorothy’s daughter tired of secrets and aiming to unravel them all? Vivian, beautiful, distant, definitely too aloof not to be hiding something?

Kate Morton writes with a style that is similar to walking through a house of mirrors, some distorting the image, some clear and true and some foggy and mysterious, but all eventually leading to a greater understanding of her strong and true characters.

Visit Kate at her website: Kate Morton


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