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The Good Father by Diane Chamberlain- A Book Review

In Books on September 10, 2012 at 2:18 pm


Mira Books 2012

Diane Chamberlains’ books are often compared to Jodi Picoults’, though, I believe she has her own style. Her characters are complex, the plots are intriguing and the scenes and dialogue are so straightforward and precise. In The Good Father the story flows in our minds’ eye effortlessly, like a movie, uninterrupted by paragraphs and pages of unnecessary descriptions or factual explanations.

Travis Brown is a young man and the sole parent of four year old daughter, Bella. When he sadly loses his mother and home to a fire and is unable to make ends meet, he travels to Raleigh on the promise of a job. There he finds the job is sketchy and not knowing anyone there to look after Bella, while he finds other employment, things get pretty grim. In Raleigh they meet Erin, a woman filled with grief and running from tragedy,and hiding her story. Travis has to make the choice to trust her with Bella, while he acquires some ill-gotten cash, and without even telling Erin, he leaves Bella with her, just overnight- he thinks.

The Good Father has heartwrenching moments and characters that provoke sympathy and empathy. There are moments of tension and drama that parents especially will find gripping. It poses the controversial and thought-provoking question of just what would you do for your child and whether it is worth risking the possible consequences to get out of a desperate situation.

Through the story see love lost and found and the bonds people forge through, and despite of adversity. Diane Chamberlain has produced yet another provocative and magnetic read.

Read more on Diane Chamberlain’s website.

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