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Working for the (Wo)man

In Home Decor on August 29, 2012 at 12:50 pm

We are not the type to renovate. We are not D.I.Y.ers. When our walls need painting or the carpet is tired, we move house. Well, I am sure this is not the only reason. We have  moved six times in twenty years. We have never painted a room, or ripped up carpet. you do the math.

We now have a need for some outdoor and indoor painting, and haven’t put our house on the market, we are actually paying someone to do it.  They have taken over my home faster than ants on a Tim Tam. Their painting gear and personal stuff litters the yard and the downstairs living room, and they haven’t even started on the interior painting yet! Well, we had ‘words’ about the invasion of the living room. My white tiled floor and new lounge were in grave danger and you don’t mess with me when I have been inhaling paint fumes for three days.Okay?!

They walk in and out of the house and use the bathroom as they please. This is the downstairs bathroom that I rush to clean each morning before they arrive- how messed up is that?  I have no privacy- I am as nervous as a cat! I think they had forgotten it is my home, not the mens’ room at the Caltex.

The job is running way over the time estimated, I see no end in sight. I also foresee a dispute over the invoice. No, I am not clairvoyant! It slipped their minds that they who pay the bills are ‘In Charge’. The ones who are ‘In Charge’ should be “pleased” and “thank you’d” and their doors should be knocked upon.

I see now in the midst of this, that it was not necessary to move house those other times, all we had to do was move into a hotel for the duration! Room sevice,anyone?!

  1. ants on a tim tam. nice. thanks to you, I happen to know what a tim tam is!:) And BTW, your photo makes you look like you are in your 20’s, but as you say, “do the math.” And well, that would mean you had your son when you were 2?

    • Isn’t is customary to use a photo that is at least 5-10 years old once one is of a certain age? Of course, I would have preferred to use one when I was in my twenties but there was no digital in those days, lol. Also,I avoid cameras now, so any photo with me in it is likely to have been captured via a security camera 😉

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