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The Knots Prayer

In Prayer on August 6, 2012 at 5:45 pm


Stumbled across this prayer today on Facebook. I find it very lucky that I did find it at a time when I needed to hear it's message. Is that luck or is it grace.

  1. A writer friend who was an executive at ABC in NYC years ago wrote a book called “God Winks,” and I love that terminology for these timely gifts from above.

    Sharon, I love the way you find “bits of profound wisdom.” I can tell from your blog and pinterest that you are a women of humor and depth. I often say that “wisdom and a good sense of humor” are my favorite traits in a human being.

    I’ve yet to find a truly wise woman who hasn’t made her share of painful mistakes, but over time has learned to let them propel her forward–and not take herself too seriously!

    The gospels help a lot too in showing us about forgiving ourselves as well as others–and learning to love ourselves and others better along the way.

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