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Conversations with God- A Movie Review

In Movies on May 7, 2012 at 4:54 am


Conversations with God is based on the book which is about the real life experience of the books’ author Neale Donald Walsh.

After a car accident that left him too injured to be able to gain employment, Neals’ life takes a downturn financially until he is homeless. As sometimes happens, Neale has hit rock bottom when he turns to God with questions, angry questions, about the way his life had turned out and what he is supposed to do to turn it around. To his surprise the answers to his questions came flowing through his hand onto the page and a convesrsation with God began. These questions and answers were published and the movie shows Neals’ story, from car accident to his success as a best selling author and public speaker.

Henry Czerny plays Neale as a believable,likeable character who has to deal both with loss and success, and he does so with grace and dignity. The movie conveys an important message without being sentimental and without preaching. The message of compassion for others and ourselves is contrasted between how society is wary of Neale as an invalid and as a homeless man, and how the charater of Neale sees his younger self and his homeless image with understanding and love.

In one scene Neale is being interviewed on a television show and speaks of how we can recieve the message we need to hear at the time we need it, for example through a song or book. I had not watched this movie or read any of his books before and now here it has turned up in my life, probably for some important reason.I am now very motivated to read Walshs’ books and explore his work further.

I would love to hear your comments on this topic.


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