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Seashell Swag- How to

In Home Decor on May 6, 2012 at 3:44 am

I wanted to add something decorative to the wall by my front door, I looked on Pinterest for ideas. I live near the coast and am using a coastal/natural theme in my home and searched for coastal wreaths. I pinned a few I liked and added the photos to my iPhone so I could take the inspiration with me.

At a floristry and basket warehouse I did not find a wreath that I liked, I wanted something in a dark,willow style that wasn’t too fussy. I did find a swag that was the right style so I changed my idea from using a wreath to a swag.

Next off to the bargain shop for shells and jute string, and then to a specialty decorating store that focuses on a nautical theme for some starfish,which are more difficult to come by.

In making the sway I positioned the shells and once I was happy with the layout I was ready to glue them down.Because the swag is woven and not flat I threaded a few inches of string on the swag where I wanted each shell. and after I hot glued the shell down, I tied a knot around the shell to secure it in place. I liked the rustic effect of this.

When all the shells were adhered and the glue was dried, I remembered I had bought some glass fish Christmas decorations at the post-Christmas sale. I tied these onto the swag with string so they dangled when the swag was hung.

The swag now decorates the bare wall by the front door and it is going to be at the mercy of the weather, but it already had a weathered,rustic look and cost only around $20 to make.


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